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Schedule a free consultation now to see how therapy can help improve your life in these areas:


Individual+ Counselling*

Individual counselling is virtual or in-person, private, one-on-one sessions with your therapist. It is a safe space, free from judgement, and full of unconditional positive regard for you and your own health. Sometimes, individual counselling needs to be supplemented with an occasional couple's session or family session to assist in your growth and coping. Most therapists don't offer this, but I do, as it can be incredibly beneficial to your relationship.


Depression Treatment

Whether you are not sure if you are depressed, have a diagnosis, or if you have been suffering for years with depression, I can help. You are not in this alone, and more people suffer from depression this year than ever before. There are clinically proven treatments and therapy models that can help. Let me support you during this time and help you out of the darkness and into the light.  


Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a silent killer and can affect your relationships, work life, personal life and your relationship with yourself. More people suffer from depression and anxiety than we realize. You are not alone. I understand how difficult this time must be for you and the good news is that there are many different proven techniques that can help you cope with these conditions and live a more balanced life.


Pandemic Stress

This year's events have wreaked havoc on the emotional, physical and financial health of everyone. You might not feel like yourself anymore, and that is okay. If your goal this year is to recover from the events of last year, or to achieve greater wellness or personal growth, therapy might be for you. Therapy can help you adapt and flourish in the new normal.  


Grief & Loss

Loss can affect anyone, of any age or disposition, differently. The loss of a loved one, lifestyle, or physical ability can be heartbreaking. Therapy can help process the emotions, support you, give you a non-judgmental and accepting place to express yourself,  and minimize the effect grief has on other life areas.


Relationship Difficulties

Relationships are difficult. Tensions can be even higher during this pandemic. Relationships require trust, understanding, continuous connection and time. Some of us have been severely emotionally affected by toxic, abusive or unhealthy relationships in the past. Therapy can help to reduce the effect of these on your life today.


Stress Management

Managing stress during these times is paramount to your wellness. Stress can build up and cause you to have emotional outbursts, moments of high frustration, and eventually affect work and home life. Therapy can help to find strategies of managing this stress that work for you, on your schedule, in your line of work and family system, so that you are solidly set up for future.


Racial/Cultural Trauma

Coming from a cultural background and adjusting to Canadian values can create a rift in family systems. It can take years for everyone to adjust in their own time, if at all. This can escalate into  arguments, abuse, difficulty with relationships etc. Sometimes, sexism and racism is built into our culture. Therapy can help you to move on and heal from these aftereffects of cultural trauma.


Trauma Support

Trauma is defined as any event that has an emotionally devastating impact on an individual's life and future emotional health. Sometimes it can be found in areas that you might not think, and it differs from person to person. Trauma-informed therapy can help you process and heal, to feel the emotions and be free from the toxic cycle.


Life Stages & Changes

Changes in your circle of support and trust, or entering different life stages can bring uncertainty and emotional distress. Sometimes, you just need some support to get back on your feet and back to wellness. Solution-focused short-term therapy would be best and is one of my specialties. 


Addiction Support

If you've been in recovery for a number of years and new triggers have activated you, we can support you in your recovery journey. I do not accept clients who are in the beginning of their recovery as a dedicated addictions counsellor would be in your best interests. 


Wellness Counselling

If you feel stuck, demotivated, and like you're not achieving the goals that you want to do, wellness counselling can help you to get that spark back in your life. If you don't feel like yourself, or struggle to reach your goals, you can get that motivation and drive back in as little as 5-8 sessions.

*At this time, treatment is only offered for ADULT INDIVIDUALS 18+. As we diversify our experience and therapies utilized, we hope to be able to offer family, couples and child/adolescent/youth counselling in the future. 

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